Services - Additional TV Aerial Point and Multipoint Systems

Television screenUsually as a family grows so does your viewing requirements! Cranleigh Aerials can install a variety of wired or wireless additional TV points to a minimal number of points around the home or you can go for a full multi point distribution system that can give you your terrestrial, satellite, FM and even CCTV images on every TV set in your home all through one cable to each TV location.

Additional TV/Satellite Points

Cranleigh Aerials can supply additional TV viewing locations around your home...bedroom, study, kitchen wherever you would like to watch your TV programmes via terrestrial aerial or satellite, give us a call.

Watch HD broadcasts in any room with a new digital TV aerial and HD ready equipment in your home.

Multipoint TV Distribution Systems

If you are moving into a new build home or would like to fully upgrade your TV system at home, a fully designed multipoint TV is the best option. All cabling is kept to a minimum and terminated in one central location, usually the loft, with a distribution amplifier. This can incorporate TV, satellite and FM signals all down one cable to each viewing location. CCTV signals from a camera installed at your front door can even be combined and viewed on your TV set.


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