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Freeview logosFREEVIEW™ is the easiest way to enjoy digital TV for free. With up to 48 digital TV channels to choose from on FREEVIEW™ there's something to keep everyone entertained. It includes 24 digital radio stations, better picture and sound quality and all those interactive features when you press the red button on your remote. It's really easy to get it, too. There's no contract or subscription, make a one-off payment for your digital box or digital TV recorder, plug it in and away you go!


With FREEVIEW™+ you'll get all the benefits of tape-free digital recording on top of access to FREEVIEW™'s great range of TV and radio channels. All you need to do is buy a digital TV recorder with the FREEVIEW™+ logo, plug it in and away you go. The real plus is there's no subscription to worry about, just sit back and enjoy free TV whenever you want. With the great functions available from FREEVIEW™+, TV viewing has never been better. You’re free to control your TV entertainment experience. Pause, record and rewind live TV to fit around your work and play. You'll never miss a thing, especially as you can now record an entire series at the touch of a button.

Link through to Freeview website for more information.


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